You know you want to WIN this trophy! Great Geek Challenge – Lotusphere 2012

In case you hadn’t heard – the Great Geek Challenge is back at Lotusphere!  And you could be the winner of the COOLEST NERD trophy EVER!

Start preparing by taking the test quizzes online at

The Great Geek Challenge is Tuesday January 17th – 8:00-10 PM at the Fountain Restaurant in the Dolphin Hotel.  Food and beverages and PRIZES will be provided by our generous sponsors!

Spark = Inspiration! NERD101 Spark Ideas – New this year at Lotusphere 2012

Spark Ideas is a chance to bring together a group of our colleagues to discuss what inspires us. Led by Kristen Lauria, Vice President Marketing for IBM Social Business, speakers will share their experiences, inspiration, challenges, etc., during this compilation of five minute talks.

Want to participate?  There’s still time to submit your abstract!  The topic can be anything that you feel is relevant.  For example, how you were inspired by your math teacher to go into computing, a unique personal experience or story, how you juggle your busy job and coaching little league soccer, or describing your hobby or family project.  Whatever you think would inspire your colleagues and friends in the room!

So don’t hesitate if you feel you’ve got something to contribute. How?? To sign up, send your abstract (maximum 500 words) to with a short bio telling us who you are.

But time is running out!  Submit your abstract by December 19, 2011.  Final selection of abstracts will be made public in the beginning of January.

We hope to see you in January in Orlando!

And The Winner Is…


Congratulations! Our first round of the Great Geek Challenge quiz is over, and Handly Cameron was selected as our prize winner!

Here are those tricksy questions from the last round, along with the answers:

1) How old is Captain America?

Captain America is 94, he was born in 1917 and served in the second world war before being frozen and woken up again in the present day.

2) When did Domino Administrator first appear as a client?


3) What is a milliard billiard?

10 to the power of 24 (milliard = 10 to the power of 9, billiard = 10 to the power of 15). The ‘long’ sequence is: thousand, million, milliard, billion, billiard, trillion, trilliard, etc. The ‘short’ sequence is: thousand, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, etc. The ‘long’ sequence is used mainly in Europe, the ‘short’ sequence is used by the US and UK.

4) Where is Olympus Mons?

Olympus Mons is on Mars, it is the largest mountain on mars, and three times as tall as Everest.

Be sure to go check out the mobile app for this week’s questions! (We’re going easy on you this week!) Selected entries will be notified via email, so be sure to put your email on your submission.

Spark Ideas – Brought To You By Nerd Girls


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Do you know how some stories can be really inspiring? Stories and ideas that you never heard or thought of before and that really hit you right in the heart? Ideas that spark…..

Can you tell such a story?

Then we are looking for you. We are proud to present the Sparks session. A Lotusphere session brought to you by Nerd Girls where up to 6 people will have a chance to share their awesome experience with the crowd in a short 5-6 min presentation.

The topic? Anything you think is relevant, from how to inspire kids to go into ICT to how you managed to incorporate your cart racing addiction into your work. Anything goes as long as you can tell it in under 5-6 minutes and feel it could inspire the rest of us!

But… You have to sell it in a short abstract to us.  Based on these abstracts a panel will decide which speakers will be allowed to tell their awesome story.  Do you need to be a NerdGirl?? No! This is open to everyone, both men and women. It’s not about gender it’s about inspiring your fellow Lotuspherians and Sparking your idea in their mind. Will it get me something? It isn’t a contest so there won’t be any prizes but it will give you the opportunity to climb on an official Lotusphere stage and tell your story to a captivated audience.

So don’t hesitate if you feel you’ve got something to contribute. I’m sure there are more than enough people out there that have some story worth sharing. Spark your idea and sign up!

How?? To sign up send your abstract (max 500 words) to with a short bio telling us who you are. Final selection of abstracts

will be made public in the beginning of January.
And don’t hesitate to alert others to this if you know of people that have something worth telling.

Let’s spark some ideas!

Lotusphere 2011 and The Great Geek Challenge

In Lotusphere 2011 the Nerd Girls introduced The Great Geek Challenge! What exactly was the Great Geek Challenge?  Months prior to Lotusphere a team of wizards, scientists, and geeks were locked in a room without food and drink and tasked with preparing a list of fiendishly clever questions to quiz those Lotusphere attendees who dared to match their wits against each other at the Great Geek Challenge.

On Tuesday evening, teams met up at the Fountain restaurant at the Dolphin hotel.  Quiz Master Paul Mooney challenged the teams of geeks to put their brain cells to work and put their best answers forward.  However there were some teams that floundered – including one team that had a perfect score of zero! But good food and fun was had by all.  Fabulous prizes were distributed throughout the evening.  And the grand prize was the Great Geek Challenge trophy – made out of that precious “metal” – duct tape!

Here are a few pictures from the evening!  Be sure to come join us for the Great Geek Challenge 2012!

The Great Geek Challenge Trophy

One of the teams trying to respond to quiz answers!

The scorekeepers and judges – they were a wee bit scary!

Forget the “challenge”! This team was focused on having a great time!

One of the team members showing off his prize (the envelope!).

The winning team!