This year Nerd Girls will once again be at IBM Connect, at its new location of the West Moscone centre in San Francisco.

We are doing something different this year, and hope the audience will join in as we share stories about living with and beating The Imposter Syndrome.

Nerd Girls: Encountering Impostor Syndrome
Wednesday, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM | Room 2000 | Session ID: 1302A
Whether you’ve heard of the Imposter Syndrome or not, you have probably encountered it either in your own behavior or with people you have met. “Imposters” are unable to recognize their own successes and often feel like frauds in their jobs, something that affects a larger number of people than you may think. The Nerd Girls will explore multiple angles of this behavior from the frustrating to the funny with stories and lessons from those who live with and have learned to work through it.