We’re excited to say that Spark Ideas is back this year at ConnectED 2015.  This is organised by Nerd Girls around the idea of people speaking for up to 6 minutes (without slides!).  This year we want to hear about your inspirations, people or things, past or present. If it inspired you, come and share it.

Since this could be your last chance to spark we hope you will grab the opportunity to  speak and share your inspiration with us.  Please email Gab Davis , Kathy Brown, Susan Bulloch or any of the Nerd Girls or even info@nerdgirlgroup.com.  Or DM any of us on Twitter if you want to talk through an idea.  Trust us , we want to hear your ideas and we want to hear from people who have never “Sparked” before.

Nerd Girls are about celebrating everyone’s uniqueness , what drives us to create our own path.  We hope to see you there ..

See you in Orlando, 2.30pm on Tuesday in Swan Rooms 3&4