We received this great picture today from proud dad Norman Cox showing his daughter Laura Beth who dressed up as a Nerd Girl for Halloween:Laura Beth & Christina

“Here are my two daughters getting ready to head out for Halloween this year. As usual, they were on far ends of the spectrum in their choices.

My 13 year old decided to be a geek. I was a little put off that she went through my stuff for her costume.

Her name is Laura Beth Cox, she is 13 and in the 7th grade in Columbia, MO, USA.

In my completely biased opinion, she is a well rounded Junior Nerd Girl. She plays goalie in soccer and is a point guard on her basketball team. She recently won her age group in a basketball free throw contest. She plays viola in her school’s orchestra and plays in the city’s Middle School Honor’s orchestra. She does well in school, and especially enjoys math, science and reading. She gets high marks from teachers for effort and attitude in class, as well. At home, she enjoys cooking, being with her pets and hanging with friends. She also enjoys pestering her brother and sister as any Nerd Girl should.

Younger sister, five year old, Christina is more of a drama queen. She is in Kindergarten and is more into the frilly side of girldom. When we go to their older brother’s sports events, she is more excited about the cheerleaders. She has an affinity for princesses and things pink. By the way, I broke it to her this weekend that I am going on a trip next month for work. She was fine with it until I said I was going to be at Disney. Her-“By yourself?!!” Me-“Yes, afraid so.” I received a melting look.”

Great costumes for both! And Laura Beth, we’ll make sure your dad get’s an official NerdGirl badge at Lotusphere for you. You’ve earned it!