In Lotusphere 2011 the Nerd Girls introduced The Great Geek Challenge! What exactly was the Great Geek Challenge?  Months prior to Lotusphere a team of wizards, scientists, and geeks were locked in a room without food and drink and tasked with preparing a list of fiendishly clever questions to quiz those Lotusphere attendees who dared to match their wits against each other at the Great Geek Challenge.

On Tuesday evening, teams met up at the Fountain restaurant at the Dolphin hotel.  Quiz Master Paul Mooney challenged the teams of geeks to put their brain cells to work and put their best answers forward.  However there were some teams that floundered – including one team that had a perfect score of zero! But good food and fun was had by all.  Fabulous prizes were distributed throughout the evening.  And the grand prize was the Great Geek Challenge trophy – made out of that precious “metal” – duct tape!

Here are a few pictures from the evening!  Be sure to come join us for the Great Geek Challenge 2012!

The Great Geek Challenge Trophy

One of the teams trying to respond to quiz answers!

The scorekeepers and judges – they were a wee bit scary!

Forget the “challenge”! This team was focused on having a great time!

One of the team members showing off his prize (the envelope!).

The winning team!