Nerd Girls Merch


If you’re at IBM Connect, IBM InterConnect or many of the ICS User Groups this year you will find us there handing out merch as usual but this year we are excited to have a series of new badges and stickers which we think you will love.  In fact we think you’ll love them so much you’ll want to put them on t shirts and bags and even your computers and cars. So we are excited to introduce

The Nerd Girl Zazzle Shop.  The logos we are using this year are shown below and we have designed some t shirts as well as the badges and stickers you can order yourself.  In fact if you order quickly you should be able to wear your merch to IBM Connect in two weeks’ time.  Even better until Thursday there’s a discount site wide of 15 – 40% (this is a Zazzle site wide promotion using code STUCKONYOU40)

Any funds generated from sales of items on the store will go towards producing more badges and stickers to hand out at user groups throughout the year.  It is not intended that we profit from the merch, we just want you to be able to order it.

If there are any other items you would like to have on the zazzle store branded with any of our logos we’d be happy to hear from you.

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Nerd Girls @ Connect 2017

This year Nerd Girls will once again be at IBM Connect, at its new location of the West Moscone centre in San Francisco.

We are doing something different this year, and hope the audience will join in as we share stories about living with and beating The Imposter Syndrome.

Nerd Girls: Encountering Impostor Syndrome
Wednesday, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM | Room 2000 | Session ID: 1302A
Whether you’ve heard of the Imposter Syndrome or not, you have probably encountered it either in your own behavior or with people you have met. “Imposters” are unable to recognize their own successes and often feel like frauds in their jobs, something that affects a larger number of people than you may think. The Nerd Girls will explore multiple angles of this behavior from the frustrating to the funny with stories and lessons from those who live with and have learned to work through it.


Nerd Girl Badges – Your Votes Please


As some of you may know the Nerd Girls group has produced lots of badges in the past which we’ve handed out at conferences including Connect around the world.  We haven’t produced new ones in a few years and we would like to do that again with a plan to have them available at IBM and non-IBM events as well as available to order on other items from a zazzle shop.

I’d like to thank the team of Kathy Brown, Maria Enderstam, Amanda Bauman, Wannes Rams, Francie Tanner, Katie Harrison, Jamie Magee and especially Jennifer Stevenson who managed to turn our ideas into the images below.

We hope to produce the images in badge format and in some cases decal format for sticking on cars or computers so we’d like some feedback from you. With Connect fast approaching we hope to have them to hand out to attendees there.

For each image please let me or any of the team know via comment or twitter , email or anything else and spread the word

  1. Do you like it
  2. Would you wear it / gift it as a badge
  3. Would you wear it / gift it as a decal
  4. Do you have an event you would like to distribute these at

Please bear in mind the materials aren’t sponsored in any way so we may have to make some hard choices about what and how many are produced to fit within our budget but we hope you like them all 🙂


We think this works as both badge, decal and t shirt


The guys said they would wear “if i were a girl I’d be a nerd girl”. We think this works as a badge


We think this works as badge and decal .. possibly t shirt


this is slightly off brand but it replaces our ‘my daughter is a nerd girl” as a badge


We think this would work well as a decal for either computer or car

Sparks Ideas Video – ConnectED 2015

Our thanks to Carl Tyler who did an amazing job videoing cleaning up and posting our Sparks this year in their own Youtube playlist. Sorry to Kathy whose picture defaulted to the first frame – the embedded video below is to all 8 sessions. This is the link to our playlist

Thank you to Kathy Brown, Mark Myers, Brad Bassilitis, Pat Cumming , Wes Morgan, Sandra Buehler, Ray Bilyk and Femke Goedhart for their fantastic and brave talks around the idea of “inspirations”.


Spark Ideas Is Back – ConnectED 2015

We’re excited to say that Spark Ideas is back this year at ConnectED 2015.  This is organised by Nerd Girls around the idea of people speaking for up to 6 minutes (without slides!).  This year we want to hear about your inspirations, people or things, past or present. If it inspired you, come and share it.

Since this could be your last chance to spark we hope you will grab the opportunity to  speak and share your inspiration with us.  Please email Gab Davis , Kathy Brown, Susan Bulloch or any of the Nerd Girls or even  Or DM any of us on Twitter if you want to talk through an idea.  Trust us , we want to hear your ideas and we want to hear from people who have never “Sparked” before.

Nerd Girls are about celebrating everyone’s uniqueness , what drives us to create our own path.  We hope to see you there ..

See you in Orlando, 2.30pm on Tuesday in Swan Rooms 3&4

Sparks Ideas Videos From Connect 2014

A big thanks to all our speakers at IBM Connect 2014 and to Chris Miller and Spiked Studios for recording and producing the videos which are now online on our vimeo channel. I encourage you to take a look and be prepared to learn, laugh and blub along the ways

We’ll be posting each one here on the blog but if you want to see them all click the channel below

Sparks 2014

Spark Ideas @ Connect 2014

We are very pleased to announce the return of Spark Ideas to IBM Connect 2014 for what is our 4th year. If you’ve never seen one of our Sparks session the idea is that anyone can speak for up to 6 minutes on something that inspires them or drives them or makes them curious – anything really. The only limitations are the time and a single slide.

We have run Sparks sessions at user groups around the world in the past three years and many of them can be seen on our Vimeo channel

This year our session at IBM Connect is on Tuesday at 11.15 in Swan Mockingbird 1&2 – we have some great speakers and topics lined up so I hope you can join us , show them some support and get some inspiration or even enlightenment yourself

Get your motor running – Head out on the highway – Looking for adventure – And whatever comes our way
(Debora Cole)

If you asked me at age 18, did I see myself riding my own motorcycle, the answer was probably no. I liked riding as a passenger, but those bikes were, and still are, big and powerful. Fast forward to 2006. Everything changed.

Fighting For Rural Internet (Bill Buchan)
Bill Buchan – the short round Scotsman- talks about fighting for decent rural broadband. On a 7 year fight with the monopoly supplier here in the UK, and how finally he was able to deliver decent broadband for his community by doing it by himself.

Living without walls: How some goats, an orphan and a very long cup of tea changed my life (Colleen Burns)
As part of the IBM Corporate Service Corps I spent a month in Arusha, Tanzania working with the African Wildlife Foundation. Bright eyed and eager I set out to change Arusha, but instead Arusha changed me. It has taken a few years of reflection to fully appreciate the lessons I learned, and recognize the impact it has had on my life.

Meet my 3 Friends Pain, Suffering and Sacrifice (Gaby Spaszewski)
There is a famous quote from the nowadays rather infamous Mr. Lance Armstrong. He said: ‘I once met three guys named Pain, Suffering and Sacrifice. Now we’re inseparable. We’re best friends.’ Join me as I tell the story of how these 3 guys became my best friends for a year, moving into my flat and helping me to fulfil the dream of a lifetime while gathering a small fan base along the way.

Introverts in the wild (Tim Davis)
You may be surprised to find out what being an introvert really means, Tim was and finding that out helped him deal with being an introvert married into a family of extroverts, and about the problems introverts face in a world that works against them.

Operation Pencil Box (Norman Cox)
From Feb 2004 to Feb 2005, my National Guard unit found itself assigned to FOB Speicher, just north of Tikrit Iraq. While there, we performed Operation Pencil Box. After doing our military jobs, in our “spare time” we adopted 9 schools. What started out as a few emails to family and friends requesting school supplies, spread across the U.S.

One Stupid Thing, Every Day (Julian Robichaux)
Dealing with the fact that we make mistakes and do stupid things. Or at least, I do stupid things. I didn’t mean to say that you do. I wasn’t being judgmental. I’m sorry if you took it that way. Hey, can I start over…?

Bicycles & Community (Jamie Magee)
Jamie shared how he helped to create a community bicycle shop to foster education, empowerment, and sustainability.

Is love enough? The passion to help children find a home for good (Stuart McIntyre)
Parents to two boys and two girls (currently 9-16 years old), home educators and business owners, surely life is chaotic enough already? Why would we want to throw open our doors to other children (and their birth parents), let alone those with possible addiction, behaviour or other issues? Hear why Stuart and his family entered the exhausting approval process, why way more than just love is required, how fostering is working so far and why it might just be something for your family to consider!